Naked Wines

Naked Wines

Back in 2008, Rowan Gormley set out to make the world a better place for wine drinkers like you. A world where the only wine you ever drank was lovingly created by talented winemakers. Where the quality of every bottle was guaranteed top notch but you didn’t pay crazy prices. And a 100% money back guarantee meant you could always buy with complete confidence.

Most importantly, a world where passionate winemakers could make a decent living. Where both you and they stopped being ripped off. Good idea?

And, following a GBEA win in 2013 and a partnership continuing into 2020 (funny how things come full circle, isn’t it?), our friends at Naked Wines are offering all of our GBEA applicants a £75 wine voucher!

To claim, please click the button below and use the code GBE75 with the password ASP32XYN.