Did you know that there is currently a drive from the Government to help young people into employment through apprenticeships? They are offering a bonus of £3,000 to any employer that takes on a new apprentice up until the 31st January 2022.

At the moment young people are really struggling to gain meaningful employment and so to help, we have partnered with a leading provider of marketing skills training, the School of Marketing, who offer a fantastic apprenticeship in digital marketing. The programme lasts for 15 months and current government funding covers 95% of the training cost.

There are so many reasons to take on an apprentices, including:

  • Helping our young people find opportunities is key
  • Apprenticeships are a great way to get them to learn and earn so can apply the latest tools and techniques into their marketing role
  • Adds value to a business right away whilst also creating an opportunity for a young person.

You can even convert anyone currently on the Kickstart scheme to an apprenticeship and still get the £3k bonus.  Learners must be based in England in order to be eligible for the funding.

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