Justin MacRae

Fortunis Capital

Justin has extensive experience in the development and implementation of operational strategies and ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of new income stream products. He has led on the development of these products for small, medium and multi national companies across the MENA & Asia regions, being solely responsible for the capitalisation of new ventures and the integration of key members into the operations.

Having in-depth and hands-on experience working with both SMEs and Corporates he has developed an intuitive understanding of the associated risks. His overarching strength is in international trade and finance, but also has current ongoing experience in UK-based manufacturing and finance industries. He has real-time experience in helping businesses achieve their growth ambitions and is resourceful in this approach.

Coming from a military background as a Commissioned Officer, he has worked in key roles around the globe. Justin also represents the business and financial interests of his family office as co-investors. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Fortunis Capital, reporting to the Board the flow and subsequent management of inwards investment.