Robert McKechnie


Robert is the Head of Products, UK for Equifax. Equifax is a data, insight and technology business that people typically refer to as a Credit Reference Agency. Equifax seeks to understand customers and businesses through data turning this into actionable intelligence. Equifax is a global brand operating in 29 countries. A key part of the role that I fulfil it is meet with and talk to customers to ensure that our capabilities are being developed and deployed in the right way.

By participating as a partner in the Entrepreneur program this as an excellent window into the changing face of businesses in the UK. I am passionate about new initiatives and how data can help understand and fulfil a customers needs. I am keen to challenge and support new business in understanding their aspirations and facilitating where practical this outcome.

Prior to joining Equifax I was a career Banker having been in RBS for c. 35 years. During my tenure in RBS I had a number of senior roles laterally covering the credit risk stewardship for Business, Commercial and Corporate customers through a variety of technology applications. Similarly I headed up the Consumer Risk platforms for the consumer bank. Potentially the most fulfilling roles I held in RBS related to two joint ventures with Virgin and Aviva for the Virgin One Account – current account mortgage where I was the Head of Risk and with Tesco and Tesco Personal Finance where I was Risk Director. Both of these started as very small “entrepreneur” capabilities albeit with the backing of significant partners the requirement to think differently and to fail fast were strong pillars that I quickly adopted.