Gillian Murray


Gillian Murray is the Chief Executive of Pilotlight, an award winning charity that enables ambitious charities working to alleviate disadvantage to help a greater number of people more effectively. Through Pilotlight’s managed programmes, charities and social enterprises are able to access the strategic business support they need to become more efficient, effective and sustainable, transforming the lives of disadvantaged people in the UK. Since 2003, Pilotlight has worked with over 1,100 business leaders to support over 550 charities to develop their strategic knowhow, strengthen their organisations and ultimately, increase their impact.

Gillian joined Pilotlight as a Project Manager in 2005, becoming Deputy Chief Executive in 2007 and Chief Executive in 2013. Her long-term interest in the third sector was sparked by a three-year stint with Voluntary Service Overseas in Laos, during which she became VSO acting country director and advised the Laotian Ministry of Education.