Cally Russell


Cally Russell (31) is CEO and founder of leading multi-retailer fashion shopping app Mallzee and retail analytics business Mallzee Insights.

Cally launched fashion shopping app Mallzee in Edinburgh in 2012 in order to improve the consumer experience of finding, comparing and buying fashion on mobile.  Now downloaded over 1.5 million times and featuring 150 plus high street retailers, Mallzee is one of the most comprehensive fashion platforms in the UK.

The unique real time, product preference data generated via Mallzee has been harnessed to power the retail analytics arm of the business; Mallzee Insights.

Mallzee Insights enables brands to test pre-release products with customers to help retailers make better stock decisions. With over 500 million customer opinions on over 3 million products we benchmark existing and potential products historically and against competitor offerings. Mallzee Insights works with some of the largest names in retail to improve the over/understock issues currently crucifying the retail industry, delivering improvement to gross margin of between 3-6%. The company mission is to improve retail by delivering informed opinion and actionable insights powered by hard data.

Cally is a regular contributor to Forbes and was previously recognised by both Forbes and Drapers in their 30 under 30 fashion/retail lists.


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