Great British Entrepreneur Health Checks

Test your investment readiness, discover your marketing weak spots and benchmark your personal brand potential (and much more!) 

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The Great British Entrepreneurs Investment Readiness Scorecard

Are you ready to raise investment? Take the scorecard to discover if your business is investor ready and receive potential investor matches.

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The Great British Entrepreneurs Application Ready Scorecard

Could you be crowned a Great British Entrepreneur? Answer 12 quick questions & get tailored insights made especially for you so that when you apply you'll have your own personalised application checklist. 

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The Great British Entrepreneurs Sales Growth Scorecard


The Great British Entrepreneurs R&D Tax Credits Scorecard

Many businesses do not realise that the work they are doing qualifies for government research and development (R&D) tax credits. As part of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards community, it's likely you could benefit from this generous cash boost.

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The Great British Entrepreneurs Personal Brand Health Check

Personal branding for entrepreneurs; are you a trusted presence in your industry? Becoming a trusted presence in an industry can lead to untold opportunities. Simply choose the answers that best reflect your current profile to find out how it's currently performing and where you have room to grow.

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The Great British Entrepreneurs Marketing Health Check