Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021 winners

Great British Entrepreneur of the Year
Philip Belamant | Zilch

Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year

Mike & Alison Battle | Lapland UK (London & East of England)
Helen Routledge | Totem Learning (Midlands)
Claire Knight & Antonio Bachini | The Traveller and The Bear (North East)
Zoe Glencross | Zoe Glencross (North West)
Emma & Fergus Macdonald | The Tartan Blanket Co. (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Jade Sammour | Dainty London Jewellery (South East)
Jonny Williams | BoomBocs (South West)
Jen Danger Harding | Danger Doodles (Wales)

Disruptor of the Year
Sponsored by Vodafone Business

Rob Bridgman | Snug (London & East of England)
Mark Smith | TruInvest (Midlands)
Joshua Gill | Everflow (North East)
Gary Gallen | rradar (North West)
Jonathan Waggott | Angel Guard (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Constantine Karampatsos & Verity Batchelder | GoodLife Sorted (South East)
Charles Taylor, Johann Farhan & Joe Galliford | Sina Medical Technology (South West)
William Sachiti | Academy of Robotics (Wales)

Entrepreneur for Good Award

Nate Macabuag | Koalaa (London & East of England)
Gavin Mullaley & Dean Starr | Cornerstone Partnership (Midlands)
Chris Quickfall | Cognassist (North East)
Chelsea Slater & Jo Morfee | Innovate Her (North West)
Ruari Fairbairns | One Year No Beer (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Keisha Ehigie | Imagine Me Stories (South East)
Jen Baughan | Solutions for the Planet (South West)
Mark Williams | LIMB-Art (Wales)

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
Sponsored by Glen Scotia

Henry Faber & Walter Kerr | Oppidan Education (London & East of England)
Lorri Delahunty | VEGAN Happy Clothing (Midlands)
Charlotte Windebank | FIRST (North East)
Ben Pearson | BigClothing4U (North West)
Melanie Auld | Spice Pots (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Sanjay Lobo | onHand (South East)
Teresa Swinton | Paradigm Human Performance (South West)
Adele Pember | Dog Furiendly (Wales)

Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year

Howard & Vivien Wong | Little Moons (London & East of England)
Paul Curtis | The Zeus Group (Midlands)
Helen Johnson & Matt Goddard | Decorating Centre (North East)
Claire Watkin | The Fine Bedding Company (North West)
David & Lou Rundle | Blue Star St Andrews (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Khatuna McDermott | Red Edge Concept (South East)
Olly, Max & Josh Kohn | The Jolly Hog (South West)
Ross Jones & Rachel Lyndon-Jones | Ouma (Wales)

Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year

Anna Brightman | UpCircle (London & East of England)
Oyinkansola Adebayo | Niyo Hair & Beauty (Midlands)
Kassi Emadi | Nuddy (North East)
Jimmy Hill | Hairbust (North West)
Fraser Angus & Daniel Morris | Lola’s Cosmetics (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Priya Downes | Nueda (South East)
Jezz Skelton | Abbott Lyon (South West)

Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year

Harriet Hastings | Biscuiteers (London & East of England)
Jacob Watts, Max Poynton & Matthew Bond | Project D (Midlands)
Liam Manton & Mark Smallwood | Didsbury Gin (North West)
Sabine Klaus-Carter | Calvin’s Free-From Foods (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Stuart MacDonald | ManiLife (South East)
Ellie Webb | Caleno Drinks (South West)
Scott Davies | Hilltop (Wales)

Foreign Innovation Awards
Sponsored by Fortunis Capital

Lynn Erasmus | Lynn Erasmus Ltd

Health & Wellbeing Entrepreneur of the Year

Katherine Pither | Yogi Bare (London & East of England)
Maxine Laceby | Absolute Collage (Midlands)
Victoria Burnip | Unforgettable Experience (North East)
Lloyd Pearce | Trio Healthcare (North West)
Simas Jarasunas | Brite Drinks (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Gordon Lott | Dr. Vegan (South East)
Katie Brindle | Hayo’u (South West)
Benjamin & Marc Shipman | The GO2 Brand (Wales)

Made in the UK Award
Sponsored by Make it British

Sarah Simons & Sarah Purse | British Baby Box (London & East of England)
Rose Ovensehi | Flora + Curl (Midlands)
Helen Robinson | Féerie Telle (North East)
Brant Richard & Ed Oxley | HebTroCo (North West)
Genevieve Smart | Genevieve Sweeney (South East)
Shane Darwin | Mucky Nutz (South West)
Callum Griffiths | Clydach Farm Group (Wales)

Pivot Entrepreneur of the Year

Elizabeth Tweedale | Cypher Coding (London & East of England)
Ewan Jones & George Dyer | Protective Sportswear (Midlands)
Erin Graybill | Luxe England (North East)
Shay O’Carroll, Shaz Sulaman, Andy Sands & Rob Hilton | PixelMax (North West)
James Eagle | The Pished Fish (South East)
Ozi Maden | Ozi Lala Levantine Street Food (South West)
Michael Beck, Craig Lomax, Sean Thomas & Michael George | Reworking

Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year
Sponsored by Salesforce

Philip Belamant | Zilch (London & East of England)
Rob Stone | Instaloft (Midlands)
Jack Sutcliffe & Simon Hobson | Powersheds (North West)
Danny Campbell | HOKO Design (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Timothy Brownstone | Kymira (South East)
Cas Paton | OnBuy.com (South West)
Darren Briggs | Ascona Group Holdings (Wales)

Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year

Jon Hulme & John Burke | Craft Gin Club (London & East of England)
Kamran Saleem | Motoserv UK (Midlands)
Samantha Read | APM Cleaning (North East)
Lee Chambers | Essentialise (North West)
Paul Hargreaves | Cotswold Fayre (South East)
Ross McCaw | Our People (South West)
Darren Briggs | Ascona Group Holdings (Wales)

Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year

Andrew Jervis | ClickMechanic (London & East of England)
Shailendra Singh | Cellomatics Bioscience (Midlands)
Wayne Spriggs | Lusso Stone (North East)
Nicky Story | Supplies for Candles and The Soap Kitchen (North West)
Rosemary Eribé | ERIBE KNITWEAR (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Pam Gruhn | Frenchic Paint (South East)
Kirsty Passmore | Rock Pool Life CIC (South West)
Rhys King | RGifts (Wales)

Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year

Maria Rodriguez | Kind Bag (London & East of England)
Claire Ransom | Lazy Flora (Midlands)
Mike Davies | Haystack (North East)
Nick Redford | Zest Food Partners (North West)
Katrina Hutchinson O’Neill | Join Talent (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Natalie Ward | Latched (South East)
Matt Dyson & Nick Webb | Rockit (South West)
Claire Copeman | Adventure Tours UK (Wales)

Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year

Eve Kehkeh | Bundlee (London & East of England)
David Hanney & Nick Smith | Alpkit (Midlands)
Cecily Henderson & Katherine Rhodes | PomPom (North East)
Morten Toft Bech | Meatless Farm (North West)
Emma & Fergus Macdonald | The Tartan Blanket Co (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Kathryn Jonas | Wild + Stone (South East)
Tom Carr & Richard Pearce | Verto Homes (South West)
Geryn Evans | Project Blu (Wales)

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Krissy Cela | Tone + Sculpt (London & East of England)
Ben Amanna | Boxraw (Midlands)
Jonathan Grubin | SoPost (North East)
Sam Teale | Sam Teale Productions (North West)
Jack Francis | Pogo Studio (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Victoria Poon | Alpaca Coffee (South East)
Keely Cat-Wells | C Talent (South West)
Joseph Ward | Smallspark Space Systems (Wales)

Great British Entrepreneur of the Year
Philip Belamant | Zilch