Grant 8 - DrivenMedia

Win 3 months of truck advertising for your brand!

What is involved in this package?

  • 3 months of rear only truck advertising
  • Out of home advertising in a hard to reach area where your target audience WILL be whatever your brand / product / service
  • A reach* of up to 400,000 EACH week (*total number of people who will see your advert)
  • 97% of vehicle occupants WILL remember your advert making this marketing more impactful 
  • Choose your region* OR go national with your advertising campaign (*North / South England or Wales as examples)

This month's winner is... Francine of Findmysexpert.com!

Meet our finalists for the GBEA September Community Grant:

Arma Karma, DelivrMe, Discovered Beauty Box, Findmysexpert.com, Private House Stays, Voilo

You can view their video submissions by clicking on their images below.