Funding Options

Funding Options

Funding Options is the leading marketplace for business finance, helping businesses across the UK and Netherlands find the right funding for their situation. With 200 + lender partners, Funding Options is delivering hundreds of millions of pounds in vital finance to thousands of businesses every year. Whether you’re looking for a buffer of working capital to get you through tough times, to finance new assets or to expand your workforce – Their award-winning technology searches the market to find the right funding options for your situation. It takes minutes, there’s no obligation, and it’s easy to use. A dedicated team of experienced Business Finance Specialists are there to take the legwork out of searching for business finance, ensuring customers can focus on what matters most – running their business.

Funding Options is one of the winners in Nesta’s Open Up Challenge for Open Banking, and has been designated by HM Treasury for the bank referral scheme, to help UK SMEs find alternative finance when they’re unsuccessful with the major banks.


The Coronavirus Pandemic

A tinderbox for Creative and Disruptive SMEs & Start-Ups

The coronavirus outbreak has had an unprecedented and far-reaching impact on people’s way of life throughout the globe.

It seems not one area of our daily lives remains untouched, with social contact, personal finances, and livelihoods all feeling the effects. Across the globe we have seen a raft of restrictions imposed on individuals and businesses, none more jarring than the initial lockdowns implemented during the spring and early summer, something creeping back into daily life throughout the autumn and into winter.