Caudwell Children

It’s time to think differently about charity.

Be selfish, it’s OK, ask what we can do for you instead of what you can do for us.

We’re here to help disabled and autistic children reach their full potential and we are dedicated and passionate about our cause, but let us worry about that – you’ve got a business to run.

Not-for-profits and charities play an important role in the economy and can proactively help support business growth.

There’s a reason that some of the biggest brands align themselves with good causes and it’s not just because they are ‘jolly good chaps’.


Caudwell Children can help you build trust with your target market. Through meaningful stakeholder engagement we can help you better understand the drivers and influences within a diverse population, helping you to better understand your market and improve engagement.


The recruitment of a neurodiverse workforce is ‘mission critical’ for organisations like GCHQ, Deloitte, Virgin and NatWest. Companies that recognise the commercial and ethical benefits of utilising a diverse range of thinking, influences and problem solving to help better reflect their markets and find new solutions to new challenges. Caudwell Children can help enhance understanding of neurodiversity in business and deliver proactive support to change culture to be more inclusive, and ultimately more successful.


We all need something to talk about. Authentic and engaging marketing content to cut through the white noise of our relentless social media feeds. Meaningful philanthropy can offer new storytelling opportunities and exciting ways to engage with internal and external stakeholders. Talk to us about some of the fun, innovative fundraising that can be done to enhance your brand.

Caudwell Children have a dedicated partnerships team that are ready to talk to you and discuss how you can develop trust, talent and traffic for your business and we can help disabled and autistic children reach their full potential.