Entrepreneurs’ Champion of the Year

When reflecting on hard-earned achievements, entrepreneurs often talk about the fantastic support to which they owe their success.

This network of support is made up of countless bodies and individuals; they nurture entrepreneurs, and stand out for their tireless application to getting the very best out of British business talent.

These figures may not be in the media spotlight, but within their industries they are distinguished for their insight, their reach and the success stories they help to create.

These Entrepreneurs’ Champions are every bit as essential to business growth as the entrepreneurs themselves, and their unwavering support is recognised in this category.

Do you know an individual or team that champion entrepreneurship? We would love to hear from you – nominate your 2017 Entrepreneurs’ Champion of the Year below.



Unfortunately, when you have begun the application process you will not have the option to save. We therefore highly recommend that all applications are done on a separate document beforehand, and then copied and pasted into the online tool when you are happy that your application is complete.

Absolutely! If you feel that your business is suited to more than one category, we actively encourage you to enter more than one. However, do be sure to tailor each application to the relevant category, rather than using the same generic application across all.

Each question within the application is limited to a 400 word character count, and the process is broken down into multiple segments, which we believe will give you plenty of opportunity to fully explain your entry. The word count cannot be extended.

Yes, there is the opportunity to upload supporting documents along with your submission during the application process. All supporting documents will be provided to the judging panel alongside your application. There is a maximum upload limit of 10MB for these supporting documents.

Absolutely! If you have any testimonials that you feel would help with your application, you can submit them along with your supporting documents.

Unfortunately, an application cannot be amended after it has been submitted. It is for this reason that we highly recommend that submissions are thoroughly proofed beforehand.

The entry deadline for the 2017 Great British Entrepreneur Awards is 18th August 2017. Any extensions to entry deadlines will be announced via the website, social media and email.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call on 0845 5000 328. Alternatively, you can email adam@greatbritishentrepreneurawards.com or chloe@greatbritishentrepreneurawards.com.


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The Accelerator Network

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Female Entrepreneur Association

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EN Campaigns Ltd

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Taskforce Paintball 

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Welsh ICE