Entrepreneurial City of the Year

Cities have long laid the foundations on which entrepreneurs succeed. Cities represent change, progress, and economy, so it’s only natural that they attract entrepreneurs from all over the country with the opportunities that they offer.

Through 2014/15, more than 2,644,100 businesses were started in Britain, while 2015 was a record year for start-up growth according to Companies House. Our cities are fundamental to this success.

While London maybe a business pin-up on the global stage, in recent years, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham have proportionately overshadowed the capital in terms of demand for start-up space.

Our major urban locations, already historically, geographically and regionally diverse, have become enriched beyond measure by talent attracted from home and abroad. The dynamic sets an example of how business should be done: with an open mind, a thirst for innovation and an application that never sleeps.

The Entrepreneurial City of the Year Award takes account of the figures, but also studies the entrepreneurial complexion to celebrate the city that has done the most to encourage and accommodate entrepreneurs across all sectors.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards team will be nominating cities that encourage and facilitate entrepreneurs of all sectors.

If you represent or run a business within a city that you think should be considered during the nominations process, please email adam@greatbritishentrepreneurawards.com with a statement of no more than 500 words as to why your city should be considered for a Great British Entrepreneur Award* by July 1st 2017.

*All submissions will be followed up within 14 days by a member of our editorial research team.

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