#GoDo Entrepreneur of the Year

Powered by: Do you have a #GoDo attitude? Well this is the category for you! The #GoDo Entrepreneur of the Year Award, powered by Entrepreneurial

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Not only the future of business, young entrepreneurs are the innovative zest of commerce today. They are the data-literate, socially savvy sharers who create new

Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year

Whoever said “The hardest step is the first” surely wasn’t an entrepreneur: that initial venture into business marks the start of years of lesson-learning that

Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year

Fast-growth, scaling businesses are committed to economic growth; they drive job creation and boost revenue. But with growth come many new problems, from an expanding

Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year

Innovators are purpose-driven pioneers of change. This rare breed of entrepreneur is conspicuous for their modest talk and wealth of action; they pick up on

High Street Entrepreneur of the Year

Against the dawn of digital, many high streets have been left in shadow. Once bustling hubs of commerce, empty units and thinning footfall are common

Entrepreneurs’ Champion of the Year

When reflecting on hard-earned achievements, entrepreneurs often talk about the fantastic support to which they owe their success. This network of support is made up

Entrepreneur for Good Award

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards inaugural Entrepreneur for Good Award will be awarded to an entrepreneur leading a business or within a charity that is