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Winning awards is one of the fastest and most effective ways to transform your profile and grow your business. Benefits include increased turnover, easier access to finance and investment, brand awareness, customer acquisition, new partnerships, speaker opportunities, employee engagement and retention, and much, much more. 

Award-winning entrepreneurs also win more pitches than their competitors, with their external recognition demonstrating trust, credibility and a commitment to excellence above all others. In turn, they have a distinct advantage when it comes to attracting the most sought-after clients and personal opportunities. 

If you want awards to raise your profile, reach your true potential, and be empowered to make the change you want to see in the world, it’s time to stop waiting and start winning!

With 85% of our entries reaching the awards finals and over 75% of these going on to win, our success rates are exceptional. Our unrivalled reputation and 5-star customer service will ensure your awards journey is in capable hands.

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Listen to the Winning Awards Podcast for inspirational stories from award-winning entrepreneurs and individuals including Great British Entrepreneur Awards judges and members of the Hall of Fame.

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Donna O’Toole (pictured) is the award-winning founder of August Recognition, an international awards judge and global top 25 Customer Experience influencer. With an outstanding success rate in the most prestigious awards in the world, her work has raised the profile of everyone from Dragons and Unicorns to global brands and celebrities across the world.

"Recognition is like rocket fuel: it powers you to reach heights you never believed possible."

Donna O'Toole - Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Founder of August Recognition