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Turn heads this summer!

As the UK opens up again, outdoor advertising returns to centre stage. To help you plan, we’ve prepared a free summer event guide covering major cities across the country. So whether you’re launching an on-car advertising campaign at a music event or want to swarm a popular park carnival, Adverttu has your back.

Case Study: Meatless Farm Eyes on the road, not our M… F… Burger

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Adverttu to launch the car advertising arm of our M… F… campaign. The friendliness and cooperation of the team meant the whole process was a breeze. We highly recommend Adverttu to anyone looking for a more creative and innovative approach to their advertising.”

Jade Hawksworth, International Marketing Manager, Meatless Farm

Congratulations to the winners of Food & Drink Heroes!

We’ve gifted each of the 12 winners an on-vehicle advertising campaign. View their campaigns below!

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